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Mission statement

Everyday for lunch, without much choice, we usually decide to go to a little family owned restaurant near school. Even with the alleged food poisoning stories, nothing has stopped us from sitting down and frequently having meals on the wobbly tables. Here we decided to start THE SALMONELLA PLACE project.


As medical students, we are very busy. But never too busy when we are on a mission, like now. Our mission is to share science, knowledge, news, fun and humour, making your and our lives more interesting!


Science and laughter run through our veins and arteries…




A little about us

We are all currently in medical school and we have learned to overcome the challenges we face through laughter. We live our lives with the belief that a little humor and craziness in our lives is needed in order to survive in this challenging environment.


Country: Cyprus/UK

Current degree: Dentistry

Favourite scientific mind: Linus Pauling



Country: Portugal

Current degree: General medicine

Favourite scientific mind: Lady Gaga… Yes, she experiments with something, still reading the studies. On a serious note, very proud of António Damásio, fantastic Portuguese Neurologist.



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